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PO Box 6854, Champaign, IL 61826

Mission & Vision


To provide a postpartum support network for families in Champaign County and enable them to successfully navigate the challenges of life with a newborn.



We envision a community where the transition to parenthood is acknowledged, valued, supported and new families thrive.

What Motivates Us

Being a parent in today's culture is tough. There are higher expectations and increasing financial struggles coupled with a decline in support from extended family and community. As a result, many parents experience excessive stress and the negative effects of not having enough support.


Sistering CU  humbly strives to mend this gap in support. We are an extra pair of hands and a listening ear—a caring community many parents need (and don't already have) once a little one comes home. We share in the struggles and joys of new parenthood, empower families through postpartum education as well as in-home/group support, and we raise community awareness about the most common complication of childbirth - perinatal mental illness.

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